Latitude Festival


We were asked to create a unique experience for the In The Woods zone at Latitude Festival. In a festival surround by music, comedy, literature and art, we wanted to showcase something different… a feature film.

Set around our ‘abandoned’ cabin in the woods, we scripted a film and a performance with our cast of actors, who appeared both in the movie and at the festival. As a nod to the fact we all live ‘through’ our phone screens (especially at music festivals) we created a full length feature film that combined improvised footage with real footage, from the actors own lives… and own phones. We set much of the improvised footage in a secluded wood, to match the festival surroundings, and designed the live performance to accompany the screening to bring various elements of the on screen action to life.


of footage was captured and edited into an 85 minute feature


minute feature film was cut from the footage


actors performed alongside the screening

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